Sticky: Diving on Bahamas Led Us to Some Hot Sex

December 26, 2013

Honestly, I came to Bahamas to learn how to dive. I wanted to have an active holiday and I wanted to have it on my own, finally. I also wanted to have some hot sex, just like from the porn tubes. There, I met Dave. Dave was one hot and sexy man. He was also my diving instructor. Dave had one of those bodies that only people who are spending their time outdoors and in the water can have.

I am also pretty much hot and love to use a guy strapon sometimes. I have nice ass and killer boobs, so I saw that Dave was looking at me like he would gladly get me out of that diving suit and give me something other to suck on besides that snorkel.

I knew that it would be very unprofessional for Dave to make his move and I still wanted to avoid the awkwardness that would happen if we fucked too soon during our course. So, I waited for our last dive together. I asked Dave to have a private lesson with me and to take me to a secluded beach. He was happy to agree. Once we reached there, we had an amazing dive together. It was an unforgettable experience. I told him that I was tired and asked him to swim with me to the shore to rest in the shallow.

The moment we reached the beach, I swam up to Dave and kissed him sensually. We got out of the suits and left them on the beach, far from the reach of the ocean. We were naked and horny and we got down to business. I was on the sand and on my back, with my legs up in the air. Dave’s hot body was between my thighs and his cock was pounding my pussy. Days and days of desire were built up in both of us and we finally grabbed each other.

I bit his neck and rolled him on his back so that I could be on top. In that position, I could dictate the tempo and the rhythm in which his dick is entering me. He was amazed by my initiative, and I loved taking control over Dave. I slowed down and started sliding up and down Dave’s dick, savoring every inch of it. He moaned with pleasure and I loved it. My pussy got wetter than the ocean.

I started sliding faster and faster, coming down to his neck, kissing it, licking it, nibbling on his earlobes. We both went entirely crazy and we came at the same time. I jumped off Dave’s dick and he came into the ocean. I fell beside Dave on my back, panting. That was by far the hottest and the best diving lesson I ever had in my life. I guess that Dave thought the same.

After that experience, I simply could not find any of the porn movies to get me going anymore. But a second of thinking about funny Dave on that beach always does wonders for me.

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