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“Natalie, next time we should consider a different sex movie theme don’t you think?” Alex whispers into my ears with a smirk as my blush sinks beneath the blankets. I smiled and lightly nipped his lips, “Instead of watching lesbian mature movies at home, maybe the next time I’ll invite a sexy girl into bed with me.”

You can call it a coincidence that my best friend and I tumbled into an awkward situation all because of a simple, highly sophisticated movie; well it was really an erotic flick! I happened to be a curious cat and my best friend, with whom I’d shared bunches of secrets with was the perfect person to talk to. Since it was the weekends, our parents were out for a skiing trip. We of course were loaded with assignments apart from which my best friend had a major football league practice. It wasn’t rare if I talked to him about the most intense sexual topics because his reactions both excited and humored me.

We’d both planned a typical Saturday night, where right from ordering our favorite snacks for the night to ditching chilled beer for a bottle of my dad’s old rum; we were all set to finish our tasks on time. It wasn’t an hour later that I realized I still had a chapter to finish in my book. Don’t be surprised but I’ve a keen interest in psychology and the idea of a lesbian relationship thrills my insides to the core. It didn’t bother me that Alex was sitting right next to vigorously trying to kill an ugly looking ogre. ‘Those hot online games again’, I thought to myself. He’d introduced me to his best football pals and he’s gotten my interested in metal and gaming. We were hard core friends and I’d realized that I appreciated his manly curves a little too much.

“Listen, if you really want to get a kick, why don’t you try watching free porn movies instead? There’s this great site I know!” Alex exclaims after a moment. “What do you have in mind Alex?” I asked him. I watched Alex furiously type down Eronavt lesbian mature movies online and it wasn’t long before we got a flick that seemed perfect. It surprised me that he would suggest something like this but I wasn’t about to complain because curiosity just makes you a tad bit naughty.

“Grab me that glass of rum would ya?” Alex asked with a grin which wasn’t a surprise since the man was a devious devil. I hadn’t noticed but when I returned, Alex had already begun the movie that featured an older MILF woman seductively touching a young teen girl. It did startle me when I noticed Alex completely transfixed on the screen. ‘So did porn affect guys this much?’ But enough with the questions because my mind was strayed when the older woman, around her 40’s suddenly slid her hands in the young girl’s pussy. ‘Is this what lesbian MILF videos are like?’ I thought to myself.

I felt heat rushing down to my womanhood because something that I’d read before was suddenly coming alive. I wasn’t used to watching porn but I’d crossed several book stores just to grab the best erotic novel in line. This experience seemed different and probably because I felt different around Alex suddenly. The scenes in front of me nearly had me touching myself but I restrained myself and watched silently as the older woman named Isabelle lightly licked a young bud. It was at that moment when I heard a strangled noise catching Alex’s gaze slowly undressing me. “Come here”, he ordered but I wasn’t the sorts to give in.

“Darling”, and with that I slowly crawled on my fours and reached into pockets. I’d always loved his firm chest so while I saddled his lap, I breathed slowly into his neck. His hands slid past the slits on my skirt and firmly cupped my bottom. I couldn’t resist wriggling just a little, “Natalie if you move around so much, you’ll have something thick and big shoved inside of your ass.” I loved the rumbles in his baritone and licked the ends of ear lobes. I knew those spots where he was most sensitive and lightly slipped my hand underneath his shirt. “Take off everything”, I mumbled between nips when suddenly he pulled my face and crashed his lips against mine.

It was mesmerizing the kiss as his tongue flicked against mine in a battle of dominance. In the midst of the kiss, Alex had stripped me down to my shirt with my bra hanging on slightly. I shivered as he held my tits in the palm of his hands, stroking and licking. The night would have led on to a series of sexual fantasies but it was at that moment when the phone rang. We were too lost in our lovemaking to notice but it took a while for Alex to realize the vibration in his pants was because of the phone and not anything else. With the alcohol sinking in, we realized our parents had called to check on us. I didn’t let go of him, “We can’t continue this but I’ve wanted to do something for a while now”, I whispered as my hands slowly stroked the covers of his crotch.

I saw his face rupture into a series of expressions, “Natalie don’t start something you can’t finish,” his voice sounded hoarse as he dragged my body against his and wrapped against a firm chest. “There’s always a next time to watch lesbian XXX mature videos don’t you think” He asked me later with a mischievous grin across his handsome features. “Maybe”, I smiled and kissed him one last time before sleep overtook us.

Why I’m Not Quitting Watching HD Porn Videos

Hi, my name is John Doe and I am addicted to the high definition porn videos. I am not ashamed to say this as I know the benefits I have reaped from watching such stuff. One of the most interesting adult sites where I get these xxx movies is

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I called my Girlfriend over, on a Friday night to come to my apartment that I share with my hot roommate who had travelled for the weekend. Told her that I wanted to be in her pants as I had missed her so much. 20 minutes later, she was knocking at the door.

Without wasting time, we started making out, kissing and fondling. As we continued kissing, I pulled her towards the bed and lay her on it. As we enjoyed each other’s lips, I unhooked her bra with her bikini still not letting it fall on her beautiful double D tits and her huge ass.

Her nipples turned hard clearly showing through her bikini. She reaches for my crouch, grabs it with her soft hands making me to groan softly into her mouth. Each moment she rubbed my cock, I pinched her nipples making her hornier.

We pulled away from each other giving ourselves time to take a breather. After some few seconds of silence, I pounced back to her taking off her top. Her sexy breast staring at me made me want her hard. I grabbed her right boob and put it into my mouth lapping my tongue round her nipple. Meanwhile, I used my other hand to unbutton her trousers and pull it down. Whoa… what a beautiful body!

I loved want I was seeing. She pulled down my trousers and went down on her knees. She grabbed my dick and started sucking it rhythmically, slowly, steadily but surely. Truly, she was an expert in offering me a blow job. I hoped that she will increase the pace of the rhythm as I was feeling great. My mind was carried away to the sex videos I admire watching at

“Hun, I want you”, I whispered silently. She rose up and laid on the bed with her face up. Her wet pussy staring at me just waiting to receive her right.

“Come get me you nasty man” she said. I jumped on the bed crawling slowly like a leopard trying to make a kill. I started kissing her from her toes and I moved up her body. As I reached her neck, I started biting her softly on her neck making her to mourn softly.

“Hun, Give it to me now”, she said. With big bang, I drove my cock into her wet pussy making her cry out loudly… I started pushing with slow intervals but increased the pace and she continued enjoying the moment. “Yes Hun, Harder, faster, yeah… Like that” I gave her the ride of her life that she ended up screaming. Her Cumming made me ejaculate hard and we laid on the bed kissing and thinking of the heavenly moment we had just had.

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Before watching fingering ass videos at erolash.XXX archive, I thought that only my big pussy was for fucking and that my rear end is something that should not be touched by a man or a woman or anything else for that matter. That was the place of filth and it should be kept to myself. But those porn videos taught me that there are hot girls that love getting it up their butt and they seemed like they enjoyed themselves very much. I still couldn’t imagine doing that, but I wasn’t that repulsed by the idea either. I wouldn’t ask anybody to do that to me, but I wasn’t so sure that I would put up a fight if somebody tried to do it.

After a while I found a guy I really liked. We kept things slow and steady and I really loved that. We kissed on the third date and we didn’t go to bed at once. He was patient and I respected that. I felt confident in him and we started our sexual life together. It was all I wanted and he didn’t cross any boundaries that I set. That went really well for a while, but I could feel that he wanted more. However, I didn’t know what that ‘more’ was. I tried dressing up and he loved it, but there was something else. I knew that I wasn’t passionate enough for him, but I wanted to keep him so I decided to let my imagination run free. You have to know that I am a very shy girl with huge tits who isn’t that comfortable being free in bed. But I had to do something.

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I wanted to let my boyfriend try my nice ass. I couldn’t bring myself to let him put his dick in, but I imagined that his finger might just be enough. Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that, so I waited for the right situation to happen so I could show him what I want. That night, I slipped into a very sexy nighty and got us a lovely bottle of wine. I thought it would be easier for me if I got a little bit drunk.

We drank the entire bottle and started kissing. It was lovely and sensual and I thought I would melt from his kisses like always. He took me in his arms and carried me to our bedroom. There, just like always, he was kissing me while he was undressing me and we started to make love. We did it in missionary position because that is how I like it best. This time, I took his hands and placed them on my butt. He was pleasantly surprised by my initiative and began squeezing them. That felt amazing. After a while, I guided his hand to my glory hole and he almost pulled away. He looked at my eyes, all surprised and startled. I just smiled and nodded. I could feel his cock getting harder inside me and I knew I was doing the right thing.

At first, he just pressed his digit against my button. He got it wet with his spit and started pressing gently with a little bit more force. At the same time he massaged it and circled it and I felt like never before. My clit become somehow hard and I reached orgasm right away. Even before he actually inserted his finger in me. I guess that the stimulation in combination with his dick inside me did the trick.

Gently, he forced his finger a little bit more in me. Millimeter by millimeter, he pushed it in and then he would slide it a bit out. That was my ass hole fingering and we both enjoyed it so much. I even allowed him to spill his cum over my belly. That was a night to remember. Who knows, perhaps in time, I’ll even allow him to do this with his cock. That is not yet to happen but I also didn’t believe that this could happen either and now I cannot wait for it to happen again. Maybe anal sex is the next chapter in our sexual adventure. You can check these fingering ass videos at!

What You Need To Know About Guy Strapon

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Once you have decided to make your deep fantasies come true by using a guy strapon, then you need the proper guidelines and tools to use. Although others might find it strange, using a strap on can be a pleasurable experience for both you and your partner. It is a means of being creative and doing more than the normal stuff. Exploiting bedroom fantasies is the best part of being intimate. Using a dildo is just but one of the many experiences you can have during sex that will blow your mind. Do you know everything about it?


Quality and style – just because you want a big strapon does not mean that any can pass. There are several types and qualities that will give you the most pleasure. These are the bright colored jelly ones that have leather straps. Do not go for those that are flesh colored and have very thin straps. A strap on’s work starts from how it looks. Choose one that fits your personality and that of your partner so that you get turned on just by looking at it.

Size – although your fantasy goes way deep, do not go for very large dildos especially if you are beginners. If you get used to it, you can move to larger sizes. Be easy on yourselves as you discover your new sexual world. If you get very huge dildos for a beginning the experience might not be very pleasant.

Texture – it can be smooth or rough. How you choose the texture depends on purely what you and your partner want. Beginners might prefer the smooth type because having anal sex at first might be challenging. You can then get more creative with time as you look for ways of giving and getting more pleasure. You might even get a vibrating dildo for more pleasure.


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Now that you and your partner have chosen the right sex toy, it is time to wear it. As you can see sexual pleasure is what you can get out of it. Having the dildo is not the end. People need to know how to put in on. If you want to have optimum pleasure then you need to put the strap in the right position. Do not tie it too loose that it is just hanging. You should also not tighten it so hard that as that might even hurt you. Ensure that it is aligned to your pubic bone as this will give you nice space for thrusting and gives the perfect angle for any position you might need.

The good thing about a strapon is that you may simply adjust it according to the position you want. It gives you the freedom to be creative and have the best sex ever. Getting naughty involves, being creative and understanding your needs. There is no shame in the bedroom as everyone should have a chance to express themselves freely. A guy strapon does not only provide pleasure, but also gives you the chance to dominate your sex life.

Our Taste in Humor Porn Videos Brought Us Together

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I was always curious about Lisa, because, when all of us were together out partying, I think that Maria was the only one who was laughing at my weird and ridiculous pokemon jokes. She was also amazingly beautiful and there was nothing so hot in a woman than being able to be ridiculous and sensual at the same time. It is very hard to pull off, even for somebody as sweet as she was. However, Maria was just perfect. I was absolutely ready to see if I can make my move and see if Lisa would like me as much as I liked her.

Therefore, after a couple of drinks that we all had in the bar, we started having big fun and crazy talks where I couldn’t restrain NakedSexLife humor porn videos and started cracking jokes about erotic games and many other things. However, she didn’t even flinch and we ended up ignoring all the others and laughing. We only had eyes for each other that night. I suggested we went to my place and watch some cartoon, sexy ass pictures or funny NSFW videos. We watched almost anything in this department that we could find. If there was a cartoon where the characters were fucking, we saw it that night. We commented and laughed and had so much fun. She agreed and we had a couple of laughs and drinks before things got all heated up and we ended up in bed. Maria was a master in oral sex. She got me on the bed and stripped me from the waist down.

Those luscious lips that were cracking lame erotic jokes just a while ago were wrapped around my glans and she was sucking my dick like crazy. I could feel her tongue and her lips sliding up and down, covering and worshiping every inch of my swelling rod. Lol, I loved it and I was so hard and so horny. At the same time, I wanted for it to last forever and I wanted to fuck her. Therefore, I waited for as long as I could, but once I realized I would cum into her mouth, I pulled her up, kissed her and undressed her while doing so. Maria was completely naked and she was on the bed, spreading her pussy with her fingers, looking at me invitingly.

I didn’t wait for her to tell me to come and fuck her twice. I jammed my dick inside her and she moaned with pleasure, wrapping both of her legs around me, pulling me to her with them. Maria scratched my back and started moving her hips, holding onto me with her strong thighs. It was a missionary position, but she practically led the entire thing. I was amazed by that and I just let myself go and allowed her to use me as her toy boy. It was amazing to thrust inside her and look at that gorgeous body of hers as she was arching her back, moaning and enjoying this.

I could feel her getting more and more worked up and at the point of her orgasm, she pulled me all the way inside her, holding me tightly. I could feel her muscles contracting and her pussy tightening and releasing around my dick. It all felt like some great erotic scene from a movie. Only when Maria came, she allowed me to turn her around and fuck her from behind. I can still remember that feeling of banging her from behind, as her butt jiggles and bounces off my body with every thrust I make there. I couldn’t last long and I came all over her back quite quickly.
That was the best fuck of my life. In the future, I wouldn’t want to do anything with girls who don’t have humor porn videos like me or Lisa.

The Doctor Sex on Camera

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Waiting for his 12:00 patient, Doctor Sex (his real name is Ross) was setting up the camera, he uses to record all of his patient visits. Doctor Ross walked to his office and grabbed the folder of Jackie Tran, his next appointment. Jackie was an extremely hot Asian babe in camel toe bikini with a perfectly implanted pair of DD sized breasts and one of the sexiest body’s that Ross had ever seen. He was actually really looking forward to touching her during her scheduled physical.

Jackie Tran walked into the office and went to check in with the receptionist. The receptionist told Jackie that Dr. Ross would be with her shortly and asked her to sit down in the waiting room. A few minutes later, a nurse came in to walk Jackie to the examination room. Once they arrived to the examination room, the nurse told Jackie to remove her clothes and put on the hospital robe. After waiting for several minutes Jackie heard a knock at the door. “Come in”, she said as Ross opened the door.

“Hi Jackie. How are you today?”, said Dr. Sex. He could see Jackie’s perky nipples pointing through the medical robe that she was wearing.
“I’m well”, responded Jackie.
“Are you experiencing any problems?”, asked Ross.
“No”, said Jackie. “Everything seems to be fine”.
“Great”, said Ross. “Let’s just take a peak around”.

Mister Ross immediately went to check Jackie’s hot pussy. He started feeling around her inner thighs until he gently grazed her big clit. Ross heard Jackie let out a slight moan. Before he knew what was happening, Ross could feel a Jackie’s hand on the top of his head pushing him down toward her pussy. Ross took the hint and dove right in. He started licking Jackie’s clit (pussy eating), going slowly at first. He was switching between gently licking her clit and sticking his tongue down Jackie’s pussy as far as it would go.

Jackie spread her legs further apart and was still holding the top of Ross’s head; forcing him to keep his face in her twat. This made him even hornier as he began to increase his speed. Now he was licking and sucking Jackie’s cunt with a determination to make her cum. Licking up and down, Ross felt Jackie’s legs clench in pleasure. He could tell that she was about to cum. As he kept licking her clit Jackie moaned, “here I cum”.

As soon as the words escaped her mouth, Ross could listen Jackie’s cum squirt all over her mouth. This didn’t stop him. Ross started to eat pussy even more. This time he put one of his fingers in her cunt and fingered Jackie’s pussy while he licked her clit. Going faster than before. Ross could feel the Jackie’s legs flinch again. “I’m going to cum again”, Jackie whispered.

Immediately, Jackie came in Ross’s mouth again. Lifting his head up, him said, “I can’t wait to see you again”. You can watch that doctor sex online.

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Liz flew to Miami because she had heard that there was a sexy woman who laid on the beach everyday with a camel toe bikini on. She was intrigued to see what the woman looked like and what her camel toe felt like. For some reason, Liz loved big, saggy pussies and wanted to eat them any chance that she got.

She worked double shifts everyday to save up enough money to fly from Boston to Miami. On the plane ride there, Liz started to get horny thinking about sexy woman videos with the camel toe bikini. She couldn’t wait to get to the beach and find her. When Liz arrived in Miami, she checked in at the hotel and headed right to the beach. Liz couldn’t believe how horny she was and wanted to suck on the camel toe.

The beach was filled with naked people everywhere. Big tits and ass were all over the place. Liz was so excited her pussy started to drip underneath her bikini bottom. Liz searched around looking for the sexy bikini until she thought that she spotted it. She started walking closer to the woman with the big tits lying on her back with her legs spread wide open. The breeze was nice and all Liz could imagine was licking the woman’s wet pussy right there on the beach.

Liz always wanted to have sex on the beach and this was her perfect chance. She walked up the woman and realized she did have a camel toe. Regardless, Liz started making conversation with the woman and asked her if she had ever been with a woman before. The woman said no but she had always wanted to eat pussy. The two women planned on waiting until it was dark out and the beach was empty so they could take a blanket, put it over themselves and eat each other’s wet pussies. As soon as it got dark, Liz put the blanket over herself and the woman.

She wasted no time and began fingering the other woman’s cunt. The woman was instantly wet and started to finger fuck Liz at the same time. Both of them were loving every minute of it. “Let’s 69″, said Liz. Without saying a word, the woman put her face in Liz’s pussy while Liz did the same thing. The two of them were eating the other’s pussy better than they had ever experienced. After several minutes, the two of them were completely fucking the other’s face.

Liz was sucking on the woman’s clit while the woman was shoving her tongue deep inside Liz’s twat. Before either of them knew what was happening, they could feel warm, sticky cum oozing all over their face’s. After they were done, Liz wiped her face off and said, “I’ll be staying in Miami for another week. We should try to find the famous woman with the camel toe bikini, have a threesome in my hotel room and make a few sexy woman videos”.

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Sex on the Airplane: Pussy Fucking

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“Would you like any peanuts?”, the stewardess asked Carl when he was thinking about pussy fucking.

“No thanks”, said Carl. He wasn’t totally sure, but Carl thought the attractive stewardess had been checking him out. She had rubbed his shoulder and Carl couldn’t help but to get somewhat aroused. He stared at her nice ass as she made the rounds around the cabin.

Every once in a while the stewardess would look back at Carl and give him a flirtatious smile. After awhile, the stewardess disappeared and Carl stopped thinking about her perfectly round ass and huge tits. The flight had been in the air for about 2 hours when most of the passengers started to doze off. Carl was starting to fall asleep too until he felt someone rub his shoulder. Whispering into his ear the hot stewardess said, “meet me in the bathroom for fucking in five minutes”.

Carl couldn’t believe what he heard while he watched the stewardess walk to the bathroom. She gave Carl a mischievous look and put her index finger in front of her mouth signaling Carl to shhh. The five minutes had passed and Carl couldn’t wait. He jumped out of his seat and walked to the same bathroom as the stewardess. He gave a quick knock the bathroom door and then opened it.

The stewardess was sitting on the bathroom sink completely naked with her legs wide open. Carl did not hesitate. He quickly dove into the bald pussy that was starring him in the face. Carl started licking her clit, going up and down with his tongue. The stewardess was slowly moving her hips up and down while she fucked Carl’s face. This made Carl go even faster. He could hear the stewardess lightly moaning.

Now he began shoving his tongue deep in her twat. Carl kept fucking pussy with his tongue while he rubbed her clit with his finger. “Faster”, the stewardess whispered. Carl rubbed faster on her clit. Within seconds, Carl felt the stewardesses hips clench as her pussy started to ooze cum all over Carl’s face. After he licked all the cum out of her pussy, Carl stood up and took his pants off.

Not wasting any time, he slid his dick deep in the stewardesses drenched cunt. He was amazed at how tight her pussy was. Carl started by slowly going all the way in and all the way out. While he was fucking the stewardess, she was ferociously rubbing her clit. Carl grabbed her by the hips and began fucking and pounding her even harder. He was trying with all of his might not to cum. After a few more pumps, the stewardess whispered in Carl’s ear, “I’m going to cum again”.

Carl couldn’t help it anymore and said, “me too”. As soon as Carl felt the cum pour out of the stewardesses with her pussy hugging his dick, Carl let out a soft grunt as he shot a huge load of cum deep inside her. Standing up the stewardess said, “maybe I’ll be on your return flight and we can make a porno”. At the current time, you can watch that pussy fucking.

Sticky: Diving on Bahamas Led Us to Some Hot Sex

Honestly, I came to Bahamas to learn how to dive. I wanted to have an active holiday and I wanted to have it on my own, finally. I also wanted to have some hot sex, just like from the porn tubes. There, I met Dave. Dave was one hot and sexy man. He was also my diving instructor. Dave had one of those bodies that only people who are spending their time outdoors and in the water can have.

I am also pretty much hot and love to use a guy strapon sometimes. I have nice ass and killer boobs, so I saw that Dave was looking at me like he would gladly get me out of that diving suit and give me something other to suck on besides that snorkel.

I knew that it would be very unprofessional for Dave to make his move and I still wanted to avoid the awkwardness that would happen if we fucked too soon during our course. So, I waited for our last dive together. I asked Dave to have a private lesson with me and to take me to a secluded beach. He was happy to agree. Once we reached there, we had an amazing dive together. It was an unforgettable experience. I told him that I was tired and asked him to swim with me to the shore to rest in the shallow.

The moment we reached the beach, I swam up to Dave and kissed him sensually. We got out of the suits and left them on the beach, far from the reach of the ocean. We were naked and horny and we got down to business. I was on the sand and on my back, with my legs up in the air. Dave’s hot body was between my thighs and his cock was pounding my pussy. Days and days of desire were built up in both of us and we finally grabbed each other.

I bit his neck and rolled him on his back so that I could be on top. In that position, I could dictate the tempo and the rhythm in which his dick is entering me. He was amazed by my initiative, and I loved taking control over Dave. I slowed down and started sliding up and down Dave’s dick, savoring every inch of it. He moaned with pleasure and I loved it. My pussy got wetter than the ocean.

I started sliding faster and faster, coming down to his neck, kissing it, licking it, nibbling on his earlobes. We both went entirely crazy and we came at the same time. I jumped off Dave’s dick and he came into the ocean. I fell beside Dave on my back, panting. That was by far the hottest and the best diving lesson I ever had in my life. I guess that Dave thought the same.

After that experience, I simply could not find any of the porn movies to get me going anymore. But a second of thinking about funny Dave on that beach always does wonders for me.